Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Technology

 I may have just worked out how to upload photos from my phone . . .
Therefore, there is a bit of an update on things I've been doing.
At the start of the holidays, I had a wonderful day helping my clever friend
Ric Rac on her award winning stall at the Craft Show in Melbourne.
 She is a very clever girl who makes exquisite toys
I took a fancy to this bag.  It's a bit small to see the writing but it says:
"DANGER - Creative Genius At Work"
 My winter couch time has been taken up mostly with my mini hexi's and I'm getting close to putting the purse together.
 I always fit time in for crotcheting!
 Posted these to a friend in Tassie, as she took a fancy to the one's I'd made and thought she'd like a pair in orange.
 And then a thrill today to see my friend Nichole in Ballarat.
She was teaching one of her purse classes at our "local" - so a few of us went to catch up after class.

 Yes, she was really here -
Lovely to see you Nic.
"Love ya work"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sister Love

 Being the middle of winter, and my love of flannelette, I started cutting up some squares for a Winter Quilt. 
 Birthday Love from my sisters - this beautiful addition to my Flowergarden
Made with vintage plates and glasses, on a metal stake
I just love it!
 And some beautiful lilies for my 'inside' garden
 Just a magnificent scent in the air
. . . and lovely reminders of Sisters Love

Saturday, July 12, 2014


 Bags and a little Snap Purse
 That's what's been happening in my sewing room . . . amongst other things
 Both lovely patterns from Nichole Mallalieu.
Did you know she's written a second book?
The Better Bag Maker - A "must have" for bag lovers like me.
 . . . and Master Flowergarden 14 had fun with his dinner last night, making creations . . .

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Annie's Aprons

 A friend asked me to make her a couple of aprons for gifts.
I had fun choosing the fabrics and getting them ready.
 She showed them to another friend who has a lovely shop in Melbourne called
That led onto an order for the shop.  I have made some more big ones and some pint sized ones as well.
I'm enjoying being on 2 weeks holiday from school, and have even been attacking my hexagon project.  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tonic Tee

 I've been having some fun with the Tonic Tee

Not sure I can stop at 3 - fantastic fit and quick and fun to make.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Free motion

 Things have been quiet around here lately in my Flowergarden.
Winter arrived today - cold and wet.
 I've had a little bit more free motion fun with birds . . . but not a lot of other things going on in my sewing room.
 A new vase by default from my cousin - it was hiding in a picnic basket he passed on to me.  I love it, and it was just the right thing for these sweet violets that are flowering in my garden at the moment.
 This is the main reason I've been tucked away at my computer though . . .
Report Time!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quilt Topping Around the World

This is what I have been working on in the evenings this week 
 . . . a really BRIGHT Trip Around the World
 This was one Jelly Roll's worth
 Not sure whether to add a boarder or not . . . it will shrink when I join
And my crocheted rug washed and clean for Winter

Monday, May 12, 2014

Intimate Breakfast

 Last Weekend I was invited to an Intimate Breakfast
to help celebrate a friend's 50th birthday.
 I wanted to make her something special, as she is a very special friend.
 I have been inspired recently by the work of Sweet Birdy Love,
and thought I'd try my hand at something like that.
 I was thrilled with the result, and so was my special friend.
 If only Nelly knew she had been sleeping under a bird!
 The party was fabulous, and in true Flowergarden style . . .
 I was in charge of the flowers on the tables.

Happy Birthday Brenda!